Saturday, 9 January 2016

I Needed Time to Mend

I know it's been a long time since I wrote about the beautiful world of Songwriting, but I had to find where I fit again, this time in Monterey, California. Relocating isn't hard. Actually, the thought of being in one place forever seems horrible. But let me tell you, picking yourself up after you finally finish school sucks. It's been over a year since I came home and only in the last 6 months have I made progress in my musical career. Sometimes we just need time.

Let's catch up :)

September 2014
I moved home and in with my family. (Goodbye best friend #1 Sonia)

November 2014
I moved out and found a new home in Old Monterey with Zak and Matt Gin.

January 2015
Zak left for Cornerstone Theater Company's The Tempest: California Bridge Tour. Greg was accepted to NYU for Audio Engineering and moved to New York. (Goodbye best friend #2) Lexi moved to Japan to teach English. (Goodbye best friend #3)

I got my college job back at the World Theater at Cal State Monterey Bay while I furiously searched for other jobs in Songwriting, Singing, and Audio Engineering. I had $12 to my name and ate peanut butter on bananas for over a week.

February 2015
I was hired as supporting technical crew for Cornerstone Theater Company when they came through Salinas, California.

March 2015
I got hired by McCune Audio Visual as a AV technician and learned how to drive and load box trucks.

I cut my hair off and died it blond again :)

April 2015
I found out that I was being considered for the next Master Electrician position for Cornerstone's The Tempest.

I was asked to perform for campus band night at CSU Monterey at the Black Box Cabaret.

I was rehired by the Black Box Cabaret as a lead sound technician for the purposes of training new employees.

May 2015
I left for the Cornerstone tour including Eureka, San Francisco, and Los Angeles!

July 2015
I turned 24 and spend two weeks in Lake Tahoe with my friends and family.

I started training in Seibukan Jujutsu at the dojo downtown!

August 2015
I met one of the owners of Tart Collections at a gig and modeled their new Rella Coat, which is breath taking!

I decided that I wanted to shoot a music video for my album single, BURN and I needed to find a director. I found that director and it was all downhill from there! Joe Ramos and Alyssa Carter with Beyond the Fence Films gave me the positivity and enthusiasm I needed to make the music video happen!

I went to Ninja Camp with the dojo. It was so awesome.

I picked up another job with Havas Street as a brand Ambassador for Heineken to get that extra financial help! AKA I became a Heineken Girl!
September 2015
I started work at the Black Box and the World Theater again and began saving up for the music video budget. I started working at Medialocate again as well.

I re-imagined the single, BURN, to make it as amazing as the music video was about to be which included re-recording the piano with an incredible pianist (Juan Zamora, CSUMB), bass (Cameron Reed), and added Trumpet (Avery Suazo).

October 2015
I went down to Burbank, CA to film the video and I can't even begin to express how incredible the experience was and how professional it turned out! Absolutely worth every cent and much much more.

I released the BURN teaser after having a ball editing up a cool 30 second clip of the song!

I left my job at McCune Audio Visual to work full time at Medialocate, CSUMB, and Havas.

(Not to mention, start focusing on music!)

November 2015
The music video was released on Friday, November 13th!

I continued to work with Zak on the rest of the album to keep the momentum up and stick to the schedule of a 2016 album release.

December 2015
I put Burn on Spotify, iTunes, CD Baby, and Bandcamp.

iTunes link:

<--------- I learned how to pathetically use Adobe Illustrator!

I spent too much money on Christmas.

It took me way too long to figure out that I am happiest when I am working towards a goal, but at the same time, I had never been without school before. It was such a huge change to find myself on the outside of that protective bubble and it felt like a depressing wet towel weighing me down until I picked myself up. Like I always do when shit gets hard.

I guess I finally realized that shit will always be hard and to revel in that. Because if I never had to work, cry, bleed for the things I want in life, I would never feel the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment when I do succeed.

I just needed a little time to mend.


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